Saturday, June 3, 2017

what I read this month: may 2017!

Wow, I really read a lot of books this month! I guess you can thank those nice long 31 days and the improving weather, because reading outside is always a favorite of mine!  I can definitely say that I am already in 'summer reading' mode - meaning I'm craving easy storylines, likable characters and of course, a page-turner is always welcome this time of year.  I've been reading much less on my Kindle and more 'real' books... which is also how I can tell I've switched to summer reading mode. I can't concentrate on my Kindle this time of year. Any one else?

Here is a run-down of what I read this month...

The Rules Do Not Apply (technically I read this the end of April, but for some reason forgot to include it last month)... I know this book has gotten a lot of buzz and has appeared on lots of "must-read" lists, but for me it fell flat.  This book is a memoir of the author's time as a journalist and then as her entire "happy ending" life was turned upside down. The story is sad and interesting but there wasn't the depth of story that I wanted here. In my opinion the book was "sad story. the end."  

Special Topics in Calamity Physics... This book is another that showed up on so many reading lists as a "must-read" (side note: I think I need to stop falling for the 'must-reads'!) and while I liked it, I didn't love it. The first half was slow and the second half was quick... but why leave all the drama for only half the book? It follows a young girl and her professor father through prep school drama. Cliques, mysterious deaths, lies and drama ensues.  I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars. If you want something in the same vein that is super well done, try The Secret History instead.

Everything Everything... I love to sneak in a good YA (young adult) read now and then and a friend raved about this book and I saw it's going to be a movie so I wanted to jump in on the fun. This is a super easy read and well done YA book about a girl that is sick but finds love and then risks everything for it. Classic YA. This book is a great beach read or to read and pass on to your teenage child and discuss (I would suggest 14 and up).

My Life in France... This was the month of the memoir! Our bookclub read this book this month, after a few months of heavy bookclub reads it was my turn to pick and I chose this fun read.  Written by Julia Child and her nephew it recounts Julia's time in France, her journey to becoming one of the first famous "tv" chefs and was a great account of living life abroad in the 50s as an American. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it's an absolute delight to read. I felt like I could hear Julia's chipper voice in my head the entire time. This book secretly made me wish that my husband would conveniently get relocated for work to France, just like Julia!

The Women in the Castle... Yes, this is another World War II book. But wait! This is is so, so good! In an oversaturated market (Historical Fiction taking place during WWII) this book definitely stands out.  The story follows a group of German women, two of whom their husbands were Nazi Resisters and were killed after attempting to murder Hitler.  This is the story of WWII from the German side. It's raw and tender and was an unforgettable story. I highly recommend this! My other favorite WWII books are The Nightingale, All the Light We Cannot See and The Book Thief

The Sound of Gravel... Yes, another memoir. This book was written by a woman that grew up in a polygamous family.  It's a fascinating read that kept me up all night - I read it in only two sittings and could not rip my eyes from the page.  There is some very difficult parts to read but overall the author takes what is an extremely difficult upbringing and recounts it in a loving and hopeful way.  It is a true story of resilience.

Currently Reading... don't ask why I am reading two! It's not very easy to say the least ;)

A Certain Age (kindle)... I love pretty much every book that Beatriz Williams has written and so far so good on this one!

I'll See You in Paris... This has been on my "to be read" list forever and I finally picked it up and I am enjoying it so far! I loved her book A Paris Apartment.

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