Friday, June 2, 2017

my everyday style: an off the shoulder top to love!

I've long talked about my frustration with the off-the-shoulder trend... every time I tried one of these tops (that looks OH-so-cute on other gals) it just didn't work for me.  Since I'm no quitter, I kept trying them from time to time in fitting rooms.  Usually getting the same result: it was uncomfortable, squeezed my arms and felt like it was a rubber band that was going to spring at any moment.  But then I found this top! And it worked! Yay!

I think the trick here is to go up a size... it seems a little counter intuitive, but I am often between two sizes and I found going with the bigger one here worked waaaaaay better.  The elastic isn't so tight, so I don't get that rubber band feeling and I was super comfortable wearing this top.  I felt like going up one size made the top more naturally go off the shoulder... instead of me forcing it down on my shoulders. You know? And I'm so glad I kept at it, I couldn't let the summer pass without hopping on with this fun and flirty trend.  It's the perfect look for summer date nights or girls nights. This top is adorable in stripes, but it is available in other colors too! Plus, how cute are the little ties on the sleeves!?!?

Outfit Details:
Top (or this one is cute too!)
Wedges (similar or similar)

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