Friday, August 18, 2017

6 pairs of jeans you need in your closet!

With fall on the horizon I thought I would round up my must-have denim pieces for you all.  I wear denim year round, but this is the time of year that I make sure my closet is stocked for the cooler months coming.

I tend to make investments in denim - since I wear them so much - and yes, by 'investments' I mean that I spend more on denim than other pieces in my closet.  There are two main reasons: 1) denim doesn't wash well in general so I want pieces that stand up to weeks of wear without stretching out and really premium denim is the way to go to avoid stretching and sagging 2) I'm not 22 anymore.  I want denim that makes me look and feel AMAZING no questions asked. I'm too old to be fighting with uncomfortable fits and unflattering fabrics.  In a sense I believe I owe it to myself at this stage in the game. Does that mean that every pair I own is expensive or has to be? No. Absolutely not. I still love a good deal, so I try to know when to splurge and when to save.

In defense of splurging on jeans, I will say that one or two splurge pairs is all you need if you are on a tight budget. One of the pairs I am going to talk about here I wear about 90% of the time. So once you find your 'go-to' pair you can fill in with other less expensive options for a well-rounded denim wardrobe.

1. & 2. The Rocket by Citizens of Humanity is my number one go-to jean. I have this cut in a few different colors and they are my daily denim.  They go with tees, sweaters, boots, sneakers, sandals - you name it. This version is my favorite but I also used to have a pair of the Sculpt and love those too.  The Sculpt is stretchier like a jegging versus a more classic denim fabric. I will say that I wore my Sculpt pair so much the butt wore out, so I'm not sure if that is due to over use or the denim material used to make that fit.  Either way, my regular Rockets are still going strong.  I highly suggest the Rocket is the classic blue color and black.

3. Next up are the Paige Transcend Hoxton - the reasons I love these are plenty. First as a gal on the shorter side I always need to get my denim hemmed, which can be a real pain.  These are ankle length so no hemming needed.  Plus I love the nice thick denim and the high waist for making me feel sucked in - in all the right places.  If you love a little distressing, but nothing overboard these are the jeans for you.  I also own this cut in black with the undone hem and really love these too! You can never go wrong with black denim, they always look pulled together and flattering in my opinion! Just FYI, I went up a full size in this pair as they seem to run quite small. 

4, If you love a more relaxed option, I really love the slim-boyjean from Madewell. The relaxed and slouchy feel is perfect for weekends or a more off duty look and really Madewell makes a GREAT jeans in general, so you can't go wrong there.  I have a few pairs of Madewell jeans and love every pair I've ever gotten there (including this fun pair I just snagged as well). For a mid price range pair of denim I think you get all the highlights of a much more expensive pair making them a great value. I found I needed to go down a size in this cut.

5. If you wear a lot of knee-high or over the knee boots for fall and winter you know you need a very stretchy and tight fitting pair of jeans to go with the boots. I just discovered this pair of skinny jeans from Rag & Bone and LOVE them. I have a few pairs of R&B jeans and they are all GREAT.

6. This last pair of jeans is/was hard to justify but they are one of my favorites.  This pair of distressed denim from L'Agence was a total splurge.  Especially since I don't love spending a lot on distressed jeans - if they distress even more as you wear them it kind of seems like a waste of money.  But this pair is SO SOFT, has the perfect stretch and I am happy to say that they haven't distressed any more really than the day I bought them. If you've never tried L'Agence before and you are a die-hard denim fan, you should really check them out! I did feel like this pair ran a size large.

Let me know if you have any questions about fit, etc - I am happy to answer them!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

my everyday style: a night at the local fair!

One of our favorite family traditions every summer is to spend an evening at the local 4H fair.  It's hard to choose a favorite between the rides, the games, the food and the animals.  It's such a classic and unplugged type of fun that I feel like is rare for families these days.  We load up on all the junk food, pet all the baby (and big!) animals and in general have a good old fashioned time.  I can never get out of there without a huge strawberry lemonade and a funnel cake. YUM! And I'll be honest, the people watching is always pretty stellar.  We have a family rift on whether the elephant ears with cinnamon sugar are the clear "fair dessert" winner or the funnel cakes with powdered sugar takes the top place.  I grew up with funnel cakes, so those are my favorite.  What about you? What's your preference? Our family has some very strong opinions on the matter!

Simple basics like skinny jeans, sneakers and a simple button front top are the perfect outfit for nights out as a family.  You can never go wrong with the basics.  These button front jeans are a new favorite for fall... I can't wait to pair them with sweaters and ankle boots (especially with those fun distressed hems!).  But right now they are still perfect with tees and sandals.  I've had my eye on this top for a while and I had previously tried a broader stripe in the same cut, but found that the thinner stripe with this silhouette works better for me.  I love this top because it's perfect for now and you bet I will be layering it with jackets and cardigans come fall.

So what do you say? Funnel cake or elephant ear? Spill it!

Outfit Details:

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3 fall trends try!

There are a few fall trends I've got my eye on this year... what about you? Florals haven't slowed down since last spring and I love the idea of toughening them up for fall with leather and suede accents.  I'm loving the quirky new-to-the-scene embellished flats.  With everything from flowers, to eyes to insects this footwear trend is a real show stopper.  And a super fun way to add some personality to your everyday look.  If you are feeling sheepish about adding such a bold piece to your wardrobe this fall, just try pairing it with wardrobe staples like classic sweaters and jeans to get acclimated to the trend.   Finally the statement sleeve tops and sweaters of spring and summer are here to stay.  I love the idea of dressing these pieces down with sneakers and distressed jeans for a casual weekend look.

Which of these trends is one you are interested in trying this fall? I would love to hear your thoughts on these looks!

Shop the pieces shown above: 

Shop more of the trends here... 

Embellished Flats...
Statement Sleeves...

Monday, August 14, 2017

my everyday style: a white blazer!

This white blazer is one of my favorite investments this past season... it was actually slated to be on the blog this past spring and after I edited the photos I decided they didn't make the cut. So to the cutting room floor they went.  Yes, that happens, not often, but it does.

But it doesn't mean I haven't been wearing this beauty.  It was the perfect extra layer for attending a blogging conference a few weeks back.  It's the perfect summer layer for cold air conditioned places in the dead of the summer.  I loved pairing it with this simple striped tank... one second I was a little business mouse in an AC blasting conference room. The next I slipped it off and was ready for patio dining in Chicago.  It offered the best of both worlds.  It looks like sizes are limited on the blazer since it got marked down... but here are a few options for availability here, here or here.

Outfit Details
Blazer (options: herehere or here)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

my everyday style: the best gingham top!

Is there such thing as a 'bad' gingham top? Well, maybe, but it would be pretty difficult to accomplish.  Everyone loves a pop of gingham! Me included. As I begin prepping my wardrobe for fall a lightweight gingham top like this one is the perfect piece to make the season transition.  This outfit is the perfect look for my mom on the go look as we close out summer... there are a million errands and appointments to complete that we have been slacking on all summer and now it's business time.

I love to carry an extra big tote when I have errands to run.  I picked up this tote last year as a carry on for my laptop, etc when I travel but it's just as handy for errand running as well.  Slip on mules like these suede knot mules are the perfect comfortable shoe that also looks stylish as well.  I'm sad to say it, but I'm kind of over shorts for the summer - anyone else? To me a good pair of skinny jeans is always in season, and for that I am thankful.  My legs would prefer to be covered from now until next spring, thank you very much.

Outfit Details:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

on my radar: August 2017!

I'm not going to go all "oh my goodness it's almost fall" on you today... well, actually on second thought, maybe I am.  Do I want summer to end? Yes and no. Do I want fall to begin? Yes and no.  The truth is that I'm a little run ragged this time of year.  As I sit here and type this I legitimately can not remember the last time I worked out - I mean, yikes! That's scary. I've hit my summer cocktail quota (sad but true).  My kids are officially sick of me - I won't comment on if the feeling is mutual.  And I really feel like we've done ALL.THE.SUMMER.THINGS.

This girl is ready to sit by the fire with a warm beverage, doze off during half-time of Sunday football and just SLOW DOWN in general.  I always think I crave an endless summer, but I just can't hang friends. I'm tired! Not that fall isn't just as busy with school back in session, it's just a different type of busy and right now, different sounds good.

With this state of mind there are a lot of casual and 'cozy' basics in today's post. The definitely reflect my current state of mind. Trying to slow down, trying to step back a little and definitely taking as many deep breaths as I can as we transition from one busy season to another.  So with all that in mind... here are a few items on my radar this month:

top row, from left:
tassel handbag - this bag is CALLING my name for fall. Simple, elegant and oh so beautiful. And it's not quite as expensive as this one I've been eyeing too.
oversized cardigan - this is giving me all the fall feels for sure. It's also available in black! 
grey stacked heel slide - don't these just look so easy and comfortable for heels? Love.
Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look palette - not gonna lie, I pretty much need all the help I can get with makeup and this set has FULL instructions! I think maybe I could do this!

middle row, from left:
Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow - okay SO many bloggers are raving about this stuff! The before and after photos on the website are pretty awesome! Not gonna lie, I am pretty intrigued.
hoop earrings - the perfect everyday earrings!
essential oil diffuser - I love diffusing oils, especially in the summer when the ac is running all the time and my house starts smelling like hot, sweaty kids.  This diffuser is much prettier than the one I currently own!

bottom row: 
'gangster nap' tee - this t-shirt gets me.  And the description on the website is cracking me up! Plus, how cute paired with a denim jacket for fall?
button front jeans - I just got these and LOVE them... plus if you are tall or short or in-between - they are available in several lengths. Perfect for us short - or you tall - gals.
relaxed neck sweatshirt - I could wear this from now until Christmas. And then some. Who's with me?
wool blend boyfriend coat - is it too early to start buying wool coats? Asking for a friend. 

What fun items are on your radar these days I would love to know!

Monday, August 7, 2017

my everyday style: a nod to fall!

I'm so, so not ready for the long warm days of summer to be over.  But my kids go back to school in three weeks and all their fall sports start next week - major buzz kill - so I know the end is nearer than I would like it to be no matter what.  Last night I was out in the backyard as it was getting dark and I could feel and almost smell fall is coming.  You know that feel/smell? A little extra crispness at the end of the day, a little less warm pavement and more cool leaves or something.  And I had to admit in that moment, that while summer was great... fall is coming.  I'm pretty excited about it.

With fall on the horizon I can definitely tell that my mind is switching over to fall fashion too... I can honestly say I am ready to say goodbye to shorts and tank tops.  Dresses and open toe shoes, not as much though.  But today's look is the perfect nod to fall while still being totally summer appropriate.  You guys, this button neck sweater is so awesome! It can button all the way up to fit like a bateau neck sweater, or you can unbutton a button or two and make it into a slouchy off the shoulder sweater for a girls night or date night.  Paired with an awesome pair of super stretchy jeans and these block heels it's the perfect casual but feminine look. And I just have to rave about these heels a bit... I wore them for two of the three days at The Blog Societies conference this past weekend, and for a gal that doesn't wear heels much, they are crazy comfortable and easy to wear. They are also available in four colors - yay!

Shop the pieces:

ps, I'm linking up with the beautiful Southern Style Guide for her Mom Style Monday today! Be sure to pop over there to find some other super stylish mommas to follow!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

last call for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017!

It's been a whirlwind with all the amazing deals that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has offered this year.  So many of you have left comments or emailed or messaged me that you have loved my round ups for the sale (thank you!) and that you have found so many great pieces for your fall wardrobe (yay!).  Today is the FINAL day of the sale if you can even believe it.  And prices for the items remaining will go UP first thing tomorrow morning.

This is officially our last call for the sale... happy shopping friends!

distressed jeans (under $50!), Tory Burch watchTory Burch sunglasseslong cardigancross over ringaveda favorites set (these are some of my FAVORITE hair products!), ankle boots (4 colors!), lip gloss setclassic black dressburgundy tote (under $50!), choker v-neck tee (under $20!), classic black pumps (lots of colors!), plaid scarfcandle setUGG boots

Thursday, August 3, 2017

back to school prep with ZonePerfect!

This post has been sponsored by ZonePerfect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Can you believe that back to school season is almost upon us? When we moved into this house almost a year ago I knew that I wanted/needed a family command zone somewhere in the house. It was something our previous home seriously lacked and with the kids getting older and involved with so many sports and activities on top of their school work - it was something that we just couldn't go without any longer. I needed to get us all organized and on the same page.  This little nook in our kitchen area has proved to be a lifesaver. With all our calendars, chores and other details in one spot we are all ready to tackle our crazy schedules together.

With the back to school season starting in just a few weeks I set out to get this little spot in check for everything that September holds for us.  In prep for the back to school season I will be making sure there are plenty of sharpened pencils and nutritious snacks on hand for when the kids congregate in this spot after school each day.  

Recently ZonePerfect reached out to me about their new ZonePerfect Kidz® nutritional bars and the minute I got them out of the bag after my Target run the kids couldn't wait to try them.  The kids love how they taste (uh, the Chocolate Cupcake flavor was gone within days) and with no artificial colors or flavors and 5g of protein I think they are the perfect after school/before sports snack.  They also boost 23 vitamins and minerals, 3 g fiber and less than 11 g sugar.  And I'm not kidding I stole one a few days ago when I was running out the door for an appointment and they taste great!

Next time you are in Target or your local grocer be sure to snag a few of these for back to school snacks... I would love to hear how you are prepping for the back to school season!

For a limited time you can get $1.50 off a multi pack or .50 off an individual bar with this coupon code!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

instagram style lately!

My Instagram round up posts are always one of the most popular around here... it's fun to see all my favorite Instagram shots in one place! Summer is just flying by and to be honest, I don't feel like I have been the best Instagrammer lately - oops.  This month was full of summer fun, stripes and easy outfits... here's a glance at it:

My summer isn't complete without a twist cone with sprinkles.  Thankfully I can check this one off the list... ;) (similar or similar striped top)

I'm officially obsessed with this bag from the Nordstrom sale. It's the perfect size with butter soft leather and I'm trying to figure out if owning two would be overboard (yes, no, yes!?!?).  The key to large totes is having a few pockets, the large inside and outside pocket insure that this bigger bag doesn't become a black hole. (bag, sunglasses)

Snuggly new pj pants (similar) that are making me very happy! You can read all my book reviews for the month here - including this book!

This striped top and sunflowers made me very happy this month!

I snagged a few new back to school shoes for my kiddos... these sneakers for my son, these sneaks for my daughter and whoa! These boots were a major deal for my daughter too!

My first experience with Golden Milk and I'm hooked (if you want to make it at home I picked this up and it's great!).  (similar or similar dress, bag)

This top is the perfect date night look!  I can't seem to get enough gingham lately. (similar or similar top, jeans, bagsunglasses, sandals)

We happened upon this amazing field of sunflowers recently! I mean, how gorgeous! This was definitely one of the highlights of our summer. (similar cardigan, tank, jeans, sunglasses)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

my everyday style: more fall Nordstrom Sale looks!

It's hard to believe both that the Nordstrom Sale is STILL going and that it's wrapping up later this week.  What a fun couple of weeks of talking all things for fall on the blog.  Next week we will be back to regular programming and (sad face) regular prices for fall goodies at Nordstrom.  Until then, I've got two super cute fall looks for you today all (well, mostly) via the Nordstrom sale.  These are fun pieces I was super excited to add to my fall wardrobe and I'm sure you will love them too!


These skinny jeans are AMAZING. Super stretchy and comfortable with a nice and flattering high waist.  They are perfect for wearing with boots because they are so stretchy.  You don't have to worry about your jeans riding up underneath. And whenever I can snag cashmere on sale I'm all for it! How cute is this side-tie cashmere sweater?! So soft and perfect for layering under blazers and jackets this fall.  These ankle boots are from last years sale, but there is a near exact dupe this year in the sale!


As I mentioned before, these jeans are PERFECT with boots... especially the really tall boots like these here that can be hard to wear if it's not the perfect pair of jeans (can anyone else relate?).  I am obsessed with the cashmere wraps from this years sale... I snagged two.  This one in grey and the one here in white. Both are so soft and versatile (hello travel blanket!?!?) 

  If you want to see ALL the Nordstrom Anniversary sale posts for this year... click here! There are still lots of styles available and prices go UP on August 7!


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